Executive Chef: Dimitris Dimitriadis
Chef de Cuisine: George Nestorides

Homemade Bread 3,00€

Mesclun Salad 13,00€
Goat cheese, peach, sunflower seeds and molasses dressing

Greek Salad 12,00€
Cherry tomatoes, barrel feta, carob rusk, rock samphire, Cretan cucumber and olives

Fresh Green Beans Salad 11,50€
Cherry tomatoes, Fennel, fresh herbs, pumpkin seeds and lemon dressing with sumac

Buffalo Buratta from Kerkini 14,00€
Smoked aubergine, tomato vinaigrette and mizuna

Carpaccio 24,00€
Black angus Beef fillet carpaccio with truffle mayonnaise, aged graviera from Syros and chives

Nigiri “Mussel Pilaf” 13,00€
Sushi rice, steamed mussels, Greek herbs and confit tomato

Sea Βream Τartare 18,00€
Citrus marinade, fish roe cream and bottarga powder

Smoked Εel from Arta 14,50€
Wild greens, bacon Vinaigrette, edamame beans and radish

Wild Mushrooms 12,50€
Celery root emulsion, vegetable demiglace and fried frumenty

Grilled Pita 11,50€
Homemade with graviera cheese cream, Prosciutto from Macedonia tomato paste with mint paste and rocket

Octopus 19,50€
Green beans fava, pickled silverskin onion, capers chutney and Mavrodafni wine

Giouvetsi Shrimp 18,50€
Kakavia broth, salami chorizo from Drama, saffron, organic pollen and lemon pudding

Beef Cheek Cannelloni 16,00€
Cooked in tomato sauce with spetseriko spice and bechamel espuma

Pork fillet 17,00€
Parsnip-green apple pure, grilled baby gem lettuce and pomegranate molasses

Lamb 19,00€
Slow cooked lamb, warm eggplant salad, crispy parsnip and vinsanto sauce

Chicken Fillet 16,00€
Carrot pure flavored with cumin and honey, shiitake mushrooms and chicken jus with mustard seeds

Tritip Βlack Αngus Βeef 28,00€
Βrown mushrooms pure, baked topinambur and red wine beef jus

Fish of the day 27,00€
Summer wild greens, kale and egg lemon espuma from prawns with turmeric and lemongrass


Green Salad V 4,00€
oil and lemon sauce

Fried potatoes V 4,50€

Cherry tomatoes V 4,00€


Natural ripening goat cheese 7,00€
Kaidatzis Dairy

Metsovone 8,50€
Dairy Foundation Tositsa

Ιnosperitis from Ios 6,50€
Yellow goat cheese matured in wine lees from Μandilaria and Vinsanto of Santorini.

Gruyere from Syros 7,50€
Ripening for 8 months Tyrosyra Diary

* 80gr. serving. Αccompanied with multicolored breadcrumbs, nuts and jam..

Cold cuts

Πικάντικο σαλάμι Τσορίθο Δράμας 7,50€
Αλλαντικά Sarry

Παστράμι Γαλοπούλας 7,50€
Αλλαντικά Sarry

Προσούτο Μακεδονίας 7,50€

* 60gr. serving Αccompanied with multicolored breadcrumbs, nuts and jam.


Chocolate Paste 9,50€
Aromatized cream with tonka / caramelized nuts / hazelnut ice cream

Yogurt Mousse 9,00€
honey textures / candied pecans / sour cherry gel

Τiramisu 8,50€
Μascarpone cheese / Greek coffee, pistachio cremeux / cacao biscuit / red fruits powder

Lemon pie 8,00€
almond crumble / lemon gel / white chocolate mousse / meringues


List by Mario Basso

Citrus Game 12,00€
Τequila reposado / aperol / apricot / orange / honey / lemon

Mediterranean 11,00€
Masticha / pineapple / vanilla / lemon / beaters / grapefruit

Republic 12,00€
Masticha / gin / pineapple / cucumber / lemon

White Sangria 10,00€
Moschofilero wine / apricot liqueur / lemon / honey

Brandy Crusta 11,00€
Metaxa 5* / orange liqueur / lemon / cloves / bitters

Raspberry Fields 11,50€
Vodka / orange / raspberry liqueur / vanilla / lemon / sweet scented pelargonium

Basil Smashed sweet sour 12,00€
Gin / basil / lime / brown sugar / bitters

Puncho Pinchi 12,00€
Tequila reposado / orange / lime / chili / coriander

Stormy Night 12,50€
Rum / ginger / pineapple / lemon / gooseberry liqueur

Non Alcoholic Cocktails

Gladly 9,00€
pineapple / mango / lemon / vanilla

Pleasant 8,50€
bergamot tea / raspberry / lemon

Homemade Lemonade 8,00€
plain or with ginger / peppermint