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Modern Greek cuisine, updated wine cellar and tasty Mediterranean cocktails, along with
a unique view of the Acropolis. In the center of the touristic area, at Thissio, the Hill
Athens restaurant, looking for raw materials by small Greek producers and offers Greek
tastes, which change the gastronomic map of the area.


Hill Athens is an all day bistrot of modern Greek cuisine with a comfort character and traditionally familiar flavors offered from morning until late at night.

Hill Athens is a new restaurant, located on Apostolou Pavlou pedestrian, at Thissio, and enjoy the shadow of four historical hills in Athens, from the Ancient years since today, while it offers an amazing view towards them.

It is builted, at the bottom of the «Nimfon» hill, which hosts the Observatory of the Athens, or in Greek “Asteroskopio Athinon”. The three floor restaurant, communicates with the historical Pnika’s hill, the famous Musess’ hill [Filopappou] and of course, bents to the majestic hill of the Acropolis that stands ahead to it.

In this historical area of the ancient hills, the Hill Athens restaurant, hopes to offer to its guest a really special, genuinely, and tasty view of the Greek modern cuisine.

Gastronomic philosophy

The Greek modern cuisine and its recipes, are at the point of the gastronomic philosophy of Hill Athens. A philosophy, which is imprinted with clarification and simplicity in the menu, that has been designed and edited by the award-winning chef Dimitris Dimitriadis, while chef George Nestoridis and his team implements it.

At the base of this philosophy, is the raw material, that it is collected with care from the whole Greece, and the products of the small Greek producers, basic ingredients of the recipes of our gastronomic tradition.

Our chefs, serving the Greek modern cuisine, hope to present the clear tastes that have their strength from the simplicity of the raw material and the Greek ground. At Hill Athens, the food, the wine and the drink are part of the same philosophy, that comes from the Greece, that leads to a friendly bistrot, that it is open for you all day long.

Hill Athens is something more than a bistrot.

It is multidimensional place, which keep up with the needs of its guests, and its target is to offer a modern gastronomic experience with an amazing view of the Acropolis, that goes far beyond the touristic character of the area, and looks into the authentic experience of a modern city with a glorious past.



Hill Athens is an all day bistrot, of a modern Greek cuisine, with comfort character and traditional tastes, that they are offers from the early morning since the late night.

Starting from the morning coffee, adding the genuineness in the taste, while the Greek brunch is served from the early morning and includes traditional tastes, like “koulouri”, “peinirli”……Midday, the menu is enriched with dishes like……for a light meal, while the night, you can enjoy your dinner from the full menu of the restaurant, admiring the dazzling view of the Acropolis, Lykabbetus, Ancient Market and the temple of Hephaestus, in a calm and familiar place.

So, you can start your day with your lovely coffee, you can taste the dishes you wished from the Greek recipes menu, then combine them with a bottle of qualitive wine from the Greek grapes, discover the cheeses and the hams of the small Greek producers, enjoy the traditional deserts, Mediterranean cocktails and live the Greek hospitality at the fullest, between the tastes and the view of the Acropolis, which will keep you company as long as you enjoy the above.


The variety of the wine label from the Greek vineyard, which are available in the wine cellar of Hill Athens, and also very specific international labels, promise a unique wine tasting experience, either in combination with restaurant’s dishes, “wine pairing”, or like first option so as to accompany your choice of our Greek cheeses and hams. Our experienced and specialized staff is ready to help you and lead you with safety to the best choice so as to feel the delight.

The wine constitutes a really important factor of the restaurant’s philosophy, which always wants to offer both the enjoyment and the knowledge, combined with the dishes that are made by our chef.


A true gastronomic experience with amazing Acropolis view



The Greek tastes are not missing from the hospitable bar of Hill Athens, while classic cocktails and recipes are presented with a base of Greek spirits. For this reasons, “tsipouro”, “ouzo”, “mastic” and further Greek products offer unique moments of enjoyment , transferring the flavors of every corner of Greece, right into our glasses.